epDevAtlas: Early Postnatal Developmental Mouse Brain Atlas (RRID:SCR_024725)

Version 1.0.0


epDev is a suite of open access resources including 3D atlases of early postnatally developing mouse brain and mapped cell type density growth charts, which can be used as standalone resources or to implement data integration. Web platform can be utilized to analyze and visualize the spatiotemporal growth of GABAergic, microglial, and cortical layer-specific cell type densities in 3D. Morphologically averaged symmetric template brains serve as the basis reference space and coordinate system with an isotropic resolution of 20 µm (XYZ in coronal plane). Average transformations were conducted at 20 µm voxel resolution by interpolating high resolution serial two photon tomography images from primarily Vip-IRES-Cre;Ai14 mice at postnatal (P) ages P4, P6, P8, P10, P12, and P14. For all ages, anatomical labels from the P56 Allen Mouse Brain Common Coordinate Framework (Allen CCFv3) were iteratively down registered to each early postnatal time point in a non-linear manner, aided by manual parcellations of landmarks in 3D, consistent with the Allen Mouse Reference Atlas Ontology. All 3D-counted cell types were registered to age-matched epDevAtlas templates and annotations.


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Resource Name: epDevAtlas: Early Postnatal Developmental Mouse Brain Atlas
Version: 1.0.0
Research Resource Identifier (RRID): RRID:SCR_024725
Dataset citation: epDevAtlas: Early Postnatal Developmental Mouse Brain Atlas RRID:SCR_024725, version 1.0.0
Paper citation epDevAtlas: Mapping GABAergic cells and microglia in postnatal mouse brains
Josephine K. Liwang, Fae A. Kronman, Jennifer A. Minteer, Yuan-Ting Wu, Daniel J. Vanselow, Yoav Ben-Simon, Michael Taormina, Deniz Parmaksiz, Sharon W. Way, Hongkui Zeng, Bosiljka Tasic, Lydia Ng, Yongsoo Kim
bioRxiv 2023.11.24.568585; doi:
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